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Rhode Island Pride Weekend started on Friday night for the Northeast Leather Family when the Leather Boys of New England hosted Boys Ahoy at the Providence Eagle Block Party.  There were raffles, demos and a cookout.  Fun night for everyone in attendance.



On Saturday, the Pride street fair was in full swing despite the excessive heat and humidity, in addition to a plethora of events and activities to take in throughout the city of Providence.

As daylight began to fade, the main event was taking shape…



The Northeast Leather Titleholders and other current Titleholders from around the area were invited to ride the float sponsored by The Providence Eagle.  Sir Seth, Bootblack Pup Philthy, and Northeast Leatherboy 1st runner up, Nelson waved to the enormous crowds throughout the parade route.  They were joined by Mr Boston Leather, Matt Morse, Mr Connecticut Leather, KJ Nichols, Mr FLAG, Cory Gra, and Mr Oneida Leather, Boy Ken.






Immediately following the parade was the block party at the Providence Eagle.


The crowd was phenomenal!!  It was one solid mass of bodies inside and outside of the Eagle, but everyone was enjoying themselves.  There was a slave auction, food and drinks, and Pup Philthy was blacking all evening.



None of the Title family made it to The Providence Eagle on Sunday for Tea Dance.  The earlier weekend events had taken their toll on us,  It was a weekend none of us shall soon forget!



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I know this posting is a little late, but better late than never.
On June 29th, the Harbor Masters of Maine and Blackstones Club of Portland Maine invited the Northeast Leather Family for an evening of FUN and Fundraising.  Sir Seth and Community Bootblack Pup Philthy of the 2013 Title Family showed up with an entourage of a dozen or so friends in tow.  We struck up a great rapport with the Harbor Masters.  They are a bunch of guys who know how to have a good time.  Ralph and Blackstones’ hospitality were impressive to say the least.  

The fundraising efforts were also not in vain.  Boy Jim sold raffle tickets, and enjoyed those inseams.  Sir Seth sold homemade Jell-O Shots in a variety of cocktail flavors.  And Bootblack Pup Philthy showed off his talents all evening long, impressing even seasoned bootblacks.



A great time was had by all in attendance and the Northeast Leather Family is looking forward to returning to Portland for a repeat performance.  Thank you Harbor Masters and Blackstones!!

Together Again – NELF2013 meets up for Albany Pride

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With so much going on this month, it all came together last minute, but we couldn’t have made a better decision to get our Family together to celebrate Albany Pride. Its been a struggle to get us all together, scheduling conflicts (gosh darnit that work thing ALWAYS gets in the way!) but for the first time since our titles were bestowed upon us, we were able to get together as a family and enjoy each other’s company and the festivities around Albany. I woke up early Saturday morning, enjoyed the Pride event in Boston, watched the parade and then quickly jumped on the T with my Daddy D’Wayne, and headed home to pack and wait for Sir Seth to pic us up for our trek to see our boy Ben. We arrived around 930pm Saturday night, and you could see the excitement in all our faces once we were back together. We settled in for a bit, and then quickly changed into our gear and headed into the city. We were introduced to an amazing friend of boy Ben’s (thank you Ross for your words of wisdom and delightful aura) then on to the Rocks club. We were given the grand tour, this pup of course got into a little trouble ::arroooo!!!!:: and were introduced to Chuck and his Chained gear store situated at the front of the bar. The night went quickly and morning was soon upon us, our boy Ben made us breakfast in a jock and apron, “GOOD boy!!!” and we were up and running getting ready to head to the float and practice our waves. As we showed up at the bar, we were quickly ushered upon the float to get to the staging area in the park a few blocks away.
Made some new friends along the way.
My brother boy Ben and I had a little time to “Do the Hustle”
And then service our Sir’s boots….::wag wag wag::
The parade started with the beat of some great music and a whirlwind of screams, hoots, kissing and all around debauchery goin on…::innocent puppy eyes:: We rode out of the park, thru the streets of Albany, going full circle and ending up back in the park for the pride festival. First thing Daddy D’Wayne and Sir Seth decided this pup needed a leash, being a naughty pup the night before, and made our way around the park getting photo’s taken, meeting up with new friends, and enjoying each others company. We then crashed a house party, headed over to the Rocks for some refreshments and then back to the park to hear and see Debbie Gibson perform (we even heard her say “pussy” *GASP*) During the concert we all took a much needed breather and snuggled together.
As the concert was ending and Debbie was performing her encore, we slowly made our way back to the Rocks for the Pride party and FREE barbecue relishing in our popularity as title holders, conversing, flirting, and doing what us dirty boys love to do until….it was time for the Sir and the Bootblack to head back home to Boston. We headed back to boy Ben’s place to change into out travel clothes and pack up for our trip home, when I was presented by boy Ben, a BootBlack cake (thank you boy Ben!)
I snarfed up a bit in traditional Bootblack fashion (pictures will be uploaded once I get them) and we were then on our way home, a whirlwind weekend which seemed longer than it was (in a good way) that we didn’t want to end, we waved goodbye to our boy, and headed home…now getting ready for the next weekend of debauchery…Providence, Rhode Island…WATCH OUT cuz HERE WE COME!!!!!

-Northeast Community Bootblack Pup Philthy

Northeast Leather Family Shares Limelight With Mid-Atlantic Family

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The Northeast Leather Family 2013 would like to extend an enormous thank you to Sal Susino, Dion Daly, and the New Jersey Pride Organization for hosting such an amazing weekend.  Northeast LeatherSIR Seth, and Northeast Community Bootblack Phil thoroughly enjoyed the festivities, but missed the presence of Northeast Leatherboy Ben, who was unable to attend.

We shared the celebration of our hosts’ 30th anniversary on our arrival and met many of our friends and made many new ones.  Later in the evening, we were taken to The Paradise Club for a rousing good time, which was followed by some quiet time when Sir and Bootblack connected and got to know one another.

Morning arrived quickly and everyone was rushing to be ready on time.  We arrived at the Pride parade line-up in plenty of time to meet with the Mid-Atlantic Title Family and get to know them in addition to Mr. and Ms New Jersey and the New Jersey Amazons.  Everyone was so friendly and cameras were snapping in every direction.


In addition to spectators on the parade route were more cameras snapping from the press. It was exciting to see the public’s reaction to the Leather contingent.  The parade ended at the fairgrounds with acres of rides, entertainment, shopping and carnival food.  It was the perfect opportunity to walk with and get to know some of our ILSb/ICBB classmates.  Again the cameras clicked from every angle.  We felt like Rock Stars!!



The weekend culminated with a Beer Blast and Pool Party at The Tides Hotel in Asbury Park.  Everyone there got to relax, drink, eat, swim, share some laughs, and make discoveries (Way to go, Phil, or should I say Pup Philthy).


I know I speak for Phil, Ben and myself when I say this is just the exciting beginning of our amazing journey.

– Northeast LeatherSIR Seth

photos – courtesy Kevin Samson & boy Quinton

An amazing weekend with my extended Leather Family

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I sit here on the back porch of Daddy Sal’s home in Asbury Park NJ on the morning of the NJ Pride parade; invited by my extended leather family to join in and help them celebrate their Pride festivities and march in their parade alongside my LeatherSIR Seth, missing my brother boy Ben as he couldn’t make it down this weekend “love you and miss you brother!” Just thinking of the awesome night I had meeting so many new and amazing leathermen and women and running into some familiar faces as well. A delightful closing to a week from hell after having my home broken into last weekend. The open arms of my brothers and sisters, congratulating me on my title, asking my advice for portable Bootblack stands, requesting my input and my talents on their leathers and boots, taking part in the 30th anniversary of our hosts; laughing, conversing, and flirting to the wee hours of the morning….and the real fun hasn’t even hit yet! Connecting with my Sir…making a connection with an awesome pup. It’s hitting me how much love and support my leather family has, not that I doubted it. Finishing my smoke, gonna shower and get ready to get this party started up once again…stay tuned for my post after the festivities which will be without a doubt full of emotion and excitement…..and this is still only the beginning to an amazing ride this title year will bring. Love, hugs, and gropes

-Northeast Community Bootblack Phil


2013 Northeast Leather Sir Seth co-hosts Discussion on the Sir/boy relationship and Safe, Sane, Consensual Play

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Jim Maciel and the staff at
Programtwist SHBH invited 2013 Northeast LeatherSIR Seth Dreyton and 2012 Northeast Leatherboy Scott Logan to host a Discussion on the Sir/boy relationship and Safe, Sane Consensual Play.  

The event was a smashing success with a phenomenal turnout of young and seasoned men.  

Topics of discussion were the Dom/sub relationship and development.  The Sir/boy role in safe and sane, kinky play.  And R.A.C.K. (Risk Aware Consensual Kink).  

The open discussion format led to an enlightening and informative evening.

Seven Hills Behavioral Health (SHBH) and it’s T.W.I.S.T programs provide substance abuse and HIV Prevention and Education services. These programs operate in many communities throughout Southeastern Massachusetts and Rhode Island.

T.W.I.S.T. – Fall River, MA

The T.W.I.S.T. program is a HIV Prevention and Education Program geared to gay, bisexual, and questioning men. T.W.I.S.T. promotes healthy messages to help decrease the risk of HIV and other sexually transmitted drugs through events at our drop in center, mobile outreach and stationary outreach.

T.W.I.S.T. – New Bedford, MA

T.W.I.S.T. program in New Bedford provides Substance Abuse Prevention and HIV Prevention intervention to promote our messages. Our services are targeted to gay, bisexual and questioning men. The Drop-In Center is utilized in New Bedford and a Mobile Health Van for outreach. The Mobile Health Van  travels to Providence, Rhode Island and HIV testing is provided during specified hours at the Drop-In Center and the Mobile Health Van.



2013 Northeast Leather Family

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2013 Northeast LeatherSIR, Seth Dreyton, Leatherboy, boy Ben Hodder and Community BootBlack, Phil Cashman.

2013 Northeast LeatherSIR, Seth Dreyton, Leatherboy, boy Ben Hodder and Community BootBlack, Phil Cashman.

2013 Northeast
LeatherSIR / Leatherboy and Community BootBlack

Providence, RI – During the Third Annual Northeast Leather Weekend in Providence, Rhode Island the Northeast LeatherSIR / Leatherboy and Community BootBlack Contest was held on Saturday afternoon, April 13, 2013, in the Grand Ballroom at the Providence Biltmore Hotel Leathermen and Women converged to witness as Sir Seth Dreyton, competed for the LeatherSIR title, boy Ben Hodder and boy Nelson Fernandes competed for Leatherboy and Phil Cashman competed for BootBlack. The contest went off without a hitch despite being the first time being held in this venue. Even though there was only one contestant vying for the title of Sir, each contestant still had to receive a minimum of a 70% score to win.

The contest was produce by boy Jim Gardner, Northeast Leatherboy 2009 and boy Arne Grandell, Mr. Woods 2012, who assembled an all-star cast of judges. Judges for the competition including: SIR Jack Duke, 2012 International LeatherSIR, Jay Falcon, 2011/2012 Northeast Community BootBlack, boy Scott Logan, Northeast Leatherboy 2012, Matt Morse, Mr. Boston Leather 2012, Richard Shepherd, Mr. Connecticut Bear 2013, and boy Ray Tessier, Mr. BarCodes Leather 2012/2013. A black draped chair was ever present at the judges table to honor the memory of Jason Lynch, International Mr Rubber, who recently passed. The ever vigilant judges’ boy, for the evening, was boy Ken Sautter and the contestants Den Daddy was Daddy Matt Kenney. The contest was emceed by the always amazing William Shields and signing duties for the event were handled by the incomparable Susan Weinstein.

After all of the scores were tallied and verified, by the Tally Master, Mark Badway, the official winners were announced.

To represent the Northeast Region for the 2013 year are Sir Seth, boy Ben and BootBlack Phil. All three titleholders will travel to Dallas, TX, Labor Day Weekend to compete in the International LeatherSIR / Leatherboy and Community BootBlack competition.